Why are Can Goods Such a Big Deal?

Why is my health inspector always treating can goods like precious cargo? Why are people trying to buy BPA free can goods? If can goods are so bad why are they allowed in restaurants?

I have poured myself over these types of questions for the last few days and I wanted to share the information I found on canned foods.

Fact: Can Goods provide healthy and Affordable alternatives when working in a food desert.

So many americans live in places that make it hard or impossible to get fresh fruits and vegetables all year around so instead of going without we choose canned goods.

Partial Fact: BPA has been linked to disrupting brain function.

The study conducted by the FDA was not up to scientific standard so many people believe that the effects are greater than published. Shawna Williams published her thoughts on the famous FDA study in October of last year with The Scientist. Where she goes into details of how the study came about and areas that are in question. (Shawna Williams, 18) However, there is currently no safer alternative avaiable that would protect food form being tainted by the metal as well as BPA.

Luckily, many companies since the 1960's have started using aluminum instead of steel or cast iron and aluminum does not leave such an impression on the food. Allowing us to easily go with BPA. However, if we remove BPA there will be no reason to charge more to consumers for BPA free.

Fact: Dented can could lead to botulism toxin

This is true a dented can may have a pinhole that always oxygen into the food. When oxygen is available to this bacteria it is able to continue its life cycle within the can and produce a toxin as the bacteria dies.

This toxin has been known to lead to paralysis and even death in some cases.

In a nutshell, can foods are an excellent way to cut down on food cost and food waste. Whenever it is affordable try to purchase food as fresh as possible wether that be frozen or fresh. Lastly, purchase BPA free.

If you are purchasing can goods containing BPA, remember to rinse them prior to cooking.


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