What Small Mistakes can Lead to BIG Deductions?

Health inspection are always a time of 100% anxiety. Managers feel unsure and insecure about the practices taking place in their restaurant and it always seems to be some new rules and regulations they were expected to know.

Even those who call themselves proficient in food safety can be caught off gaurd if they arent constantly studying the science and patterns of the environmental health specialist in their area.

Here are 10 things that can cause your to lost 9 points a piece!

1. Not having an employee health agreement for all current employees

2. Touching Ready-to-Eat food with your bare hands

3. Not keeping up with the shellstock tags

4. Dented Can

5. Food left uncovered and open to contamination

6. Cooler tempature of 44°F or higher

7. Hot holding temperature of 133°F or lower

8. TCS in temperature danger zone by accident

9. Attempting to cool food in the cooler from 135°F to 41°F

10. Attempting to reheat food on a steam table or other hot holding unit not designed to do so

The best way to be prepared is to prepare for your health inspection every single month with a food safety auditor. I have been conducted food safety audits in Atlanta since 2017, clients who use this type of service receive consistently higher score than those who do not.

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