What are inspectors looking for?

I want to make sure you get your week started off on the right foot. I have listed below the ten items that contributed to the most recent failure in Fulton County, GA.

Overall these items can be resolved in two ways.

1. Get all your food handlers trained on food safety by either a ServSafe® certified program or internal training

2. Deep cleaning using your master cleaning schedule (do you have one?)

As a manager there are so many different things you have to juggle. RIght now is the perfect time to revisit the master cleaning schedule and get your restaurant as clean as possible. Not only are inspectors looking for this, it is also important to get it out of the way before party season.

It is hard to believe that we are only 3 months away from the busiest season of the year for restaurants so make sure your staff is trained and restaurant is clean.

Here is the ten things that cost a restaurant in Fulton County to get a "U" this month (August 2019)

□ No Paper Towels at Hand sinks (-4 points)

□ Raw eggs and raw poultry stored above dairy items (-9 points)

□ Observed clean containers stored with sticker residue on the storage racks, and clean plates stored next to ice machine with food debris (-4 points)

□ Food items stored above 41F (-9 points)

□ Observed food cooling for longer than 6 hours (-9 points)

□ Wiping clothes stored on prep tables (-3 points)

□ Observed scrapes stored between wall and 3 compartment sink and between use utensils in stagnant water (-1 point)

□ Grease build up alongside kitchen equipment (-1 point)

□ Build up on the floor (-1 point)

□ Personal items in prep area and next to consumer food (-1 point)

I have a PDF version that you can print out and use to check your restaurant. This list is not all inclusive but it is a great starting point. Please email me for PDF Copy or with any questions or concerns.


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