One Wrong Label could make you SICK!

In a world full of rules and regulations when it comes to what we feed ourselves and what we feed others we are not as aware as we could be.

The FDA and USDA has regulated the food industry to such a standard that you can go into the grocery store and easily identify any of the big 8 allergens in any of the food there. However, at home and in restaurants we can be a little more lackadaisical about what ingredients we put in food and how cross contamination can easily take place.

Let's start with at home,

- always label your leftovers with the name of the item and the date it was made

- always throw away any prepared food that has been stored for longer than 7 days

- when reheating food make sure it is reheated to at least 165F degrees

In the Restaurant,

- always label with easy to understand labels and dates

- Always store food using a FIFO (First in, First out) System

- make the big 8 allergans easy to identify on menus and for FOH staff

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