Is Your Team Prepared?

At the end of every ServSafe® Food Manager class I ask if the students are ready to make some changes in their restaurant. The answer is always a resounding, yes! Unfortunately the energy will soon fade as they get back into the rythm of putting out fires and become over loaded with a growing todo list.

The only way to keep food safety in the front of their minds is to create check and balances that remind them that health inspections are real. The locations that work with food safety auditors and get real feedback every month show more confidence month after month.

Example of Incorrect Labels

Imagine your managers feeling totally prepared for a offical health inspection because they get one every month! They know what tools, records, and process they have to have in place in order for them to succeed.

The biggest argument I get is that they are food safety trained every five years and that is all they need to understand the local food code that changes annually and its application. They are willing to take time to read, understand and update their process without anyone telling them when the rules change. If that is you, I applaude your efforts and the amount of time management that must take. If that isnt you, send me an email today and lets talk about getting your team ready for a 100!


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