How do Big Chains get a perfect score?

It is very easy to believe the hype about health inspectors getting paid extra to give a perfect score to certain restaurants but let me reassure you that is just not true. After speaking with numurous inspectors, I have learned exactly how these restaurants are able to consistently out preform local owned restaurants.

A health inspection is like an semi-annual exam on food safety practices. How well do you know and implement good food safety practices? This score is then printed the public to see and judge.

How do you know what to study? How do you know how to prepare for this exam you ask? The local regulatory authority mandates that someone in the restaurants sits in a 8-hour class every five years. The information you learn in this class is suppose to be used to guide your practices and prepare you for this exam.

Common sense tell us that this isnt fair. I learn by doing and listening to a 8-hour lecture every five years is not enough information or time to prepare. So how do they do it?

They higher outside companies to come into their kitchen and prepare their staff on what to do and what not to do in their kitchen. This food auditor is able to use the same tools and grading scale as the health department to help you get ready. It is easy to pass a test with flying colors if you have a private tutor!

Savor Training Company® uses a software created by fast field that allows you to get detailed feedback the same day of what your kitchen looks like, trouble areas with images, the points you would lose on a health inspection and easy to follow direction on how to fix it. This report is sent to your teams email and can be used in line-ups, manager meetings, and more to improve restaurant preformance.

I have been conducting food safety audits since 2017 and companies that have food safety auditing programs in place receive consistently higher scores.

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