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The years I worked day in, day out in a restaurant were some of the most rewarding and stressful moments of my life. I ended most days like my peers, either several drinks to celebrate surviving or forgetting.

The amount of stress that the people in our industry is under has been compared to that of medical doctors. The research was conducted by the American Association of Nuerology, who defined high stress jobs, which are high demand and low control, are found in the service industry and include waitresses.

Those working in the service industry are more likely to have medical issues like stroke, heart disease, and more. The mental toll that it takes serving others while not even having time to eat or drink water yourself is a taxing position to be in; along with having very little control.

The Giving Kitchen, a nonprofit organization in Atlanta, and QPR, a training company, recognizes this stress and gives back to those in the service industry. They are currently offering suicide prevention training to help identify when someone maybe close to giving up. It happens so often and it is time to do something.

To sign up for FREE Suicide Training, click here.

Share this with everyone you know in the service industry, you could save a life!


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