August is "BACK to SCHOOL" Month

August is always a slower month for restaurants with kids returning to school and budgets being stretched by teachers and parents alike.

This month I want to focus on training for all your staff. That's right, I am talking about linecooks, bartenders, servers, and dishwashers.

Your health inspection score is roughly 20% dependent on management and the rest is relying on the good food safety practices of your staff. Many people have a one page summary of food safety in their onboarding manual that is rarely ever trained. Let us go into the next busy season with a well trained staff.

The different types of trainings and how they benefit your business!

Food Handler Certification


- staff knowledgeable proper recieving, storing, and preparing of food, prevents costly point deductions and food borne illness outbreak

-staff trained on Big 8 Allergies protects customers from possible cross contact and your business from law suits.

- it is good for 3 years

- course and exam can be completed online in the comfort of their home (some places make this a condition of employment)

To purchase codes and exams for your staff click here. Unfortunately the system makes your pick a date but since this is done entirely online it is not important what day or time you pick. Complete you purchase and within 12 hours you will receive your codes and instructions to send out to your staff member.

Food Manager Certification


-all management being trained & certified ensures that they are training your staff well with up to date information

- prepares all management for health inspections, no matter who is present when the inspector shows up

-insures proper documentation is being kept by the FOH and BOH

- creates a culture of confident and detailed food safety practices

-last for five years

-course is offered online and in-person monday thru friday at 9am (exam must be completed in-person with a registered proctor)

To sign up for a online course click here, and then select the day you wish to take your exam. You will receive your course code and instructions within 12 hours.

To sign up for the in- person course and exam click here, and then select the day you wish to take your course and exam. Your will receive studying material, and confirmation email within 12 hours.


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